To bring your team up to speed with agile development, We can use jenkins to run the from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery with autoamted course within your premises.This is a hands-on, practical course designed to teach specialised skills for real-world development situations to build Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery model. It is thus primarily aimed at a SCM Engineer, Build/Release Engineer and developer audience.The course is modular and flexible - depending on specific student needs and requests. Through our trainings, you benefit from the wide experience and architectural expertise of our team. We bring that experience to you in an highly interactive, intensely hands-on setting.

All our courses are above all practical in nature. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. So the course contains approximately 80% lab work. Each registrant will receive a copy of the student notes and lab solutions, a certificate of completion, and a DevOpsSchool.com kit, containing all the tools covered in the course.


The Jenkins training is quite useful for professional DevOps, Test, Build and Release and Automation Engineers who want to gain complete knowledge of the topics along with the theory and lab movements


  • Provide Clear understanding of automation process and its associated tools
  • Gain knowledge of Continuous Integration and build environment
  • Offers best choice for Software Developers or Test Automation Engineers who wants to know more of designing, implementation
  • and test script of complete continuous delivery workflow using Jenkins CI Servers
  • Helps professionals in knowing more of the deployable software with compilation, testing and code integration with archival and deployment


  • Annotated build features and reverting the code base for a bug free state for debugging
  • Quite helpful in Boosting automation and hence decreases manual efforts and speed up the entire process
  • Get Help for reducing repetitive manual processes by performing tasks to build job of Continuous Integration with automated test and reliable product deployments
  • Developer can easily get an immediate feedback of functionality and quality features with system wide impact of codes.


  • Basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts
  • Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with a Text Editor
  • Experience with managing
  • Systems/applications/infrastructure or with deployments/automation


  • 30 Hours instructor led online class
  • Hands on Approach - We emphasize on learning by doing.
  • Life time free re-enrollment to future DevOps courses
  • Life time free access to all learning materials including
  • Class recordings
  • Presentations
  • Sample Code
  • Projects
  • Total Lab Infrasture in cloud and 24x7 available
  • 70% of the class is consist of Lab
  • Each week assignments(total 4) with personal assistance
  • Two real time senario based projects with standard evaluation
  • 24x7 online support to queries during and after the course completion
  • 1 dedicated class for Interview preparations


The basic course program is outlined here:

What is Jenkins?

  • About this Course
  • About Jenkins
  • History
  • Splitting of Projects
  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • Where Jenkins Fits In
  • Summary


  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites
  • Getting Jenkins
  • Starting Jenkins
  • Testing the Install
  • Command Line Options
  • Getting the Service Installer
  • Installing as a Service
  • Alternate Method
  • Nodes
  • Configuring a Node
  • Setting up a Node
  • UI Tour
  • Summary

Creating a Simple Job

  • Introduction
  • Basic Project
  • Our Project
  • Looking at the Code
  • Moving to Jenkins
  • Manually Building
  • Build Triggers
  • Jenkin Plugins
  • Creating a Job
  • Build Steps
  • First Build Step
  • Testing the Trigger
  • Add Tests
  • Workspaces
  • Post Build Actions
  • Reporting Test Results
  • Failing the Build
  • Fixing the Build
  • Summary


  • Introduction
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Extension Points
  • Getting Plugins
  • Plugin Wiki
  • Useful Plugins Overview
  • Source Code Plugins
  • Trigger Plugins
  • Build Tool Plugins
  • Wrapper Plugins
  • Notifier Plugins
  • Reporting Plugins
  • Artifact and UI Plugins
  • Installing a Plugin
  • Plugin Configuration
  • Security Overview
  • Summary

The Big Picture

  • Introduction
  • A Case Study
  • The Flow
  • Demo: The Flow
  • Stay Calm
  • Areas of Discipline
  • Unit Testing
  • Test Coverage
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Code Quality Metrics
  • Notifications
  • Documentation
  • Deployments
  • Growing
  • Summary