An repository manager allows to store and retrieve build artifacts. You can use a repository manager to retrieve your code dependencies, for example during a Gradle or Maven build. The most popular examples for repository manager are Maven Central Repository and jcenter at Bintray..

A Artifactory installation brings such a repository for your company. So you can host your own repositories, but also use Artifactory as a proxy for public repositories. With such a proxy the time to receive an artifact is reduced and it saves ?bandwidth. Artifactory allows you to host your private build artifacts..


  • Introduction to JFrog Artifactory. The 1st Tuesday of each month
  • Fast-track your CI/CD Pipeline with JFrog Artifactory Pro. The 2nd Tue of each month
  • Scaling JFrog Artifactory for Multi-site Development. The 3rd Tue of each month

Artifactory Essentials Training
JFrog's Artifactory course covers best practices and know-how, and is delivered by technical leaders of Artifactory's development team. The four hours of this web-based training session will give your team basic knowledge about using Artifactory. At the end of this session they should be proficient at using Artifactory as your repository manager for Maven, Gradle, Ivy and Buildr.

Continuous Integration and Artifactory
JFrog offers advanced courses on CI and build technologies. Based on our own hands-on experience covering the full development environment (Subversion, Jenkins, Hudson, TeamCity, and Artifactory), this course teaches your team best practices, not just as Artifactory users but as fully-fledged Configuration Managers.


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  • 30 Hours instructor led online class
  • Hands on Approach - We emphasize on learning by doing.
  • Life time free re-enrollment to future DevOps courses
  • Life time free access to all learning materials including
  • Class recordings
  • Presentations
  • Sample Code
  • Projects
  • Total Lab Infrasture in cloud and 24x7 available
  • 70% of the class is consist of Lab
  • Each week assignments(total 4) with personal assistance
  • Two real time senario based projects with standard evaluation
  • 24x7 online support to queries during and after the course completion
  • 1 dedicated class for Interview preparations


The basic course program is outlined here:

  • How to integrate MSBuild & TFS with JFrog Artifactory
  • JFrog Bitbucket Add-on
  • JFrog Mission Control
  • Setting up a Vagrant repository in minutes with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up a Debian repository in minutes with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up PyPI repository in minutes with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up a RubyGems repository in minutes with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up a Maven repository with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up a NuGet repository with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up a Gradle repository with JFrog Artifactory
  • Artifactory 4: Upgrade from 3.X
  • Setup a Docker Registry in minutes with JFrog Artifactory
  • Setting up an in-house Debian repository with JFrog Artifactory
  • Meet Bintray Professional
  • Artifactory Black Duck CodeCenter Integration
  • Arifactory MSBuild and TFS integration
  • Using Bintray's JCenter for Gradle Resolution
  • Traceable Ivy Builds with TeamCity and Artifactory
  • Empower Hudson with Artifactory
  • Deploying artifacts with Artifactory
  • Artifactory HA
  • Setting up an NPM registry with JFrog Artifactory
  • Artifactory as a YUM Repository
  • Webstart and Jar Signing
  • Watches
  • Smart Search
  • Properties
  • Replication
  • LDAP Groups
  • License Control
  • Build Integration

Installing and Upgrading Artifactory Learn how to install and upgrade Artifactory on all supported platforms, including detailed system requirements and pre-requisites.
Using Artifactory Learn how to use Artifactory on a day-to-day basis including creating repositories, deploying, copying and moving artifacts and more.
Configuring Artifactory Learn how to configure repositories, users, permissions and more.
Artifactory REST API A detailed specification of Artifactory's extensive REST API letting you automate any process in your development ecosystem.
System Monitoring and Maintenance Learn how to keep your system free of clutter and operating smoothly.
Artifactory High Availability Learn how to configure and use Artifactory in a High Availability configuration providing the most stable and secure binary repository available to enterprise users today.
Bintray Integration Learn how to integrate with JFrog Bintray to completely automate your software development pipeline all the way to distribution.
Artifactory Pro Learn about all the add-ons that let Artifactory work seamlessly with packaging formats such as Docker, NuGet, Vagrant, RubyGems and more, as well as with all major CI servers and build tools
Release Notes Learn about the changes that came with each release of Artifactory.