Our Gerrit for Project Administrators course is specific to the use of Gerrit. It covers how to create and configure Git repositories in order to use them with Gerrit/code reviews, how to create the necessary TeamForge Project roles, how to add Gerrit to the project toolbar and how to enable Git "History Protection".

Topics include:

  • TeamForge Git/Gerrit integration
  • Creating and configuring Git repositories to manage Gerrit code reviews
  • Creating code review-related Gerrit project roles
  • Adding Gerrit to the project toolbar
  • Enabling “History Protection” feature for Git repositories


  • Gerrit Installing and Upgrades
  • Repository Visualization and the Gerrit Interface
  • Administrator Repositories in Gerrit
  • Authenticatin and Authorization in Gerrit
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Add-ons, integrations, and services
  • Gerrit Cloud REST APIs
  • Backup and Restore
  • Troubleshooting & Best Practices


Why Take This Course?

Bitbucket is used by many tech companies to host the Git repositry across the projects. But more than that, you’ll establish an efficient programming workflow that allows you to:

Keep track of multiple versions of a file
Track bugs by reverting to previous working versions of a file
Seamlessly collaborate with other developers on a project
The use of tools like Git and GitHub is essential for collaborating with other developers in most professional environments.

Prerequisites and Requirements

While this course does not involve programming, students should have some experience with a programming or markup language. Additionally, students should be familiar with navigating the command line in windows and linux.


  • 30 Hours instructor led online class
  • Hands on Approach - We emphasize on learning by doing.
  • Life time free re-enrollment to future DevOps courses
  • Life time free access to all learning materials including
  • Class recordings
  • Presentations
  • Sample Code
  • Projects
  • Total Lab Infrasture in cloud and 24x7 available
  • 70% of the class is consist of Lab
  • Each week assignments(total 4) with personal assistance
  • Two real time senario based projects with standard evaluation
  • 24x7 online support to queries during and after the course completion
  • 1 dedicated class for Interview preparations


Number of Days

2 Days. Minimum requirement for classroom training is 2 days along with good amunt of lab session for participants.

The basic course program is outlined here:


  • Introduction to Gerrit
  • The Gerrit Workflow
  • Roles in Gerrit
  • Introduction to code reviews
  • Code review scores
  • The Gerrit refspec
  • Code review requirements

Creating a change

  • Cloning from Gerrit
  • Squashing changes
  • Pushing to the Gerrit Refspec
  • Viewing your changes in the Gerrit interface

Setting up a code review

  • Verification
  • Inviting reviewers to participate
  • Monitoring review progress
  • Notifications

Reviewing changes

  • Accessing code reviews
  • Identifying a review’s status
  • Viewing comments
  • patch sets
  • Viewing changes in Diff views
  • comparing patch sets
  • Review preferences
  • Commenting on Changes
  • Replying to Comments
  • Completing the code review

Notification and Alerts

  • Email
  • Notification
  • Alerts

Add-ons, integrations, and services

  • Submission Requirements
  • Submitting changes
  • Patch set status
  • Dependancies
  • Rebasing Changes
  • Change ID’s
  • Creating additional patchset’s
  • Recap – squashing changes
  • Amending Changes
  • Abandoning changes

Gerrit Administrator

  • Setting up and configuring Git on your machine
  • Repository Management using Gerrit
  • Account Management Using Gerrit
  • Installing git-review (to propose patches for code review)
  • Backup and Restore of Gerrit Server