scmGalaxy online platform is a community initiatives based on Software configuration management and DevOps that helps members and organizations to optimize their software development process, advocating agile methodologies and improve productivity across all aspects of Application lifecycle management. We provide consulting, training and mentoring services in agile development practices such as Source Code Management, Continuous Integration, Build management, Test-Driven development, Acceptance-Test driven development, Build automation, code quality practices and automated testing and continuous delivery.

We provide job oriented training in the area of Software Configuration management, Build and Release Engineering and DevOps domain . Candidates with engineering or software background and looking to either start or change their career to Build and Release Engineering, would benefit most from this training. This course offered online around the globe which include India, USA, Europe, Australia, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Hydrabad. Instructor is an expert in Software configuration management, Build and release engineering and DevOps with more than 10 years industry experience in India.


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The basic course program is outlined here :-

1. Why Vagrant?
  • What If?
  • What You'll Learn
2. Test Drive Vagrant
  • Introduction
  • Installing Vagrant and VirtualBox on Windows
  • Installing Vagrant and VirtualBox on OS X
  • Installing Vagrant and VirtualBox on Ubuntu
  • Vagrant Up - Creating Your First VM
  • Displaying a GUI Interface
  • Sharing Files With the VM
  • Suspending the VM
  • Halting the VM
  • Destroying the VM
  • Windows Line Endings
  • Additional Help
  • Takeaway
3. Web Development Environment and Vagrant Fundamentals
  • Development Environment Overview
  • The Vagrantfile
  • Installing Nginx
  • Provisioning
  • Networking
  • Sharing and Versioning Web Site Files
  • Vagrant Share
  • Vagrant Status
  • Sharing and Versioning Nginx Config Files
  • Configuring Synced Folders
  • Further Exploration
4. Creating a Hubot Environment
  • Introduction
  • Boxes
  • rsync
  • Initialize Hubot Dev Environment
  • Provision Hubot
  • Scaffold a Hubot Project
  • Configure rsync Synced Folders
  • Run Hubot From the Shell
  • Integrate HipChat
  • Configure Upstart Service
  • Run Upstart Service
  • Recap
5. Hubot in the Cloud
  • Introduction
  • Multiple Machines
  • Providers
  • Plugins
  • Configuring an AWS AMI
  • Configuring SSH to AWS and Access Keys
  • Configuring rsync to AWS
  • Overriding Application Configuration
  • Launching Hubot Into the Cloud
  • Alternative VirtualBox Option
  • Development Workflow and Changing Hubot
  • Release Workflow and Releasing Our Change
  • Rolling Back Production
  • Cleanup
  • AWS Considerations
  • Vagrant cygwin zwindows SSL Bug Fix
  • Reflect
6. Windows Guests
  • Introduction
  • Windows Guest Differences
  • Finding Windows Boxes
  • Creating Windows Boxes
  • Vagrant Up
  • Vagrant RDP
  • Provision IIS
  • Testing Web Deploy
  • Testing Web Config Transformations
  • PowerShell's Desired State Configuration
  • Recap
7. Local Development Databases
  • Introduction
  • Provisioning Types
  • Why Puppet?
  • Build a Standalone MongoDB Server
  • Package Our MongoDB VM Into a Vagrant Box
  • Maintaining Desired State With Puppet
  • Loading Data Sets
  • Playing With MongoDB Replica Sets
  • global-status
  • Reflect

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