DevOps Training


Learn DevOps with the help of DevOpsConsulting, tutorials, help videos, training guides, and expert tips from our expert mentors and curated from the best sources around the web. DevOps is growing increasingly important as organizations migrate to cloud computing and virtual servers, and as the automation of development, deployment and quality assurance tasks becomes integral to operations. We have specialized courses for both Dev and Ops professionals, which would help them to transform themselves into proficient devops practitioners.

DevOps Consulting


Implementing DevOps in an enterprise is not easy as it sounds. It's not like you purchase few software and you are ready to go. This is not how DevOps works. DevOpsConsulting Services help you navigate these challenges—guiding your DevOps vision, strategy and roadmap, and transforming this into operational reality.To properly implement DevOps, you require proper planning and expert guidance. This is where DevOpsConsulting can help you. Our team of skilled, market-proven consulting specialists will also help you transform your IT culture, and sustain continuous, accelerated flows with the right architecture of processes and tools.

DevOps Outsourcing


DevOps is cultural and technological phenomenon and relies on close communication and by extension is location-dependent thus DevOps can not be outsourced. But External company like DevOpsConsulting can be integral part of DevOps strategy and day-to-day operational activities. Such cooperation can be beneficial from cultural and technological perspectives by utlizing the rich experience of DevOpsConsulting..


How DevOps benefits large and medium software enterprises?

The era when DevOps was just for startups is over. There's plenty of proof that big companies have figured out how to benefit from this software development method, too.

should startups outsourced continuous integration and delivery

Why Startups should outsource their Continuous Integration & Delivery implementation?

DevOps—it’s not just the latest buzzword from the IT sphere. It's a paradigm shift in the way technology companies look at the marriage between software development. Read More...

devops adoption cost benefits

Reducing the cost of release by 97% with DevOps. How?

DevOpsConsulting can reduced cost per release on one application by 97 percent, Reducing time per release by 89 percent, Reducing staff required to release by 75 percent by automating our testing, we’ve reduced multiple man days of effort down to an overnight hands-free process. Read More...

Importance of DevOps skills for organisations

Why organizations should enhance DevOps skills of their employees?

It’s not shocking that a lot of organizations struggle when it comes to DevOps execution. DevOps is a new conception which IT organizations use to enhance collaboration between two functions into one. In today’s cutthroat business environment, DevOps comes as an important resolution

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