Coverity Training

Mastering Coverity is a hands-on course, live instructor-led, in a virtual classroom setting with labs available for the students to practice what they've learned. Each attendee is given a dedicated cloud-based virtual machine to perform the lab exercises. This course is targeted for administrators, build masters, DevOps and development leads.

You will learn how to properly plan and implement your Coverity deployment, including configuration options appropriate for your set of compilers, development tools and processes. This course will cover common failures and appropriate remediation steps, as well as best practices to maxim user adoption.

Platform Administration (Days 1 & 2)

Optimally setting up, configuring and administering Coverity Connect server:

Build Engineering | Analysis (Days 3 & 4)

Effectively integrating Coverity Analysis (CA) into your build environment:

Coverity Essentials for Developers is a one Day training that covers how to effectively navigate, inspect and fix identified defects. The session also goes over the developer desktop analysis.

Quick filtering
Views/Advanced filtering
Examining issues
Navigating issues
Inter-procedural issues
CWE Integration
Issue instances / occurrences
Triaging Issues
Historical Audit Trail
Fast Desktop Analysis

Coverity Essentials for Managers is a 1 day training that covers the overall process to ensure effective deployment, adoption and ROI.

Managerial overview
What Coverity does and How
Common deployment scenarios
Workflow automation
Dashboards and policies
Adoption Maturity Process
Deployment stages