Chocolatey Training


Chocolatey is a command line application installer for Windows based on a developer-centric package manager called NuGet. Unlike manual installations, Chocolatey adds, updates, and uninstalls programs in the background requiring very little user interaction. Chocolatey has its own package feed that is created and maintained by the project's community members.

Behind the scenes, most Chocolatey packages simply download a program's official executable and install it without any further interaction from the user.


This may not seem very powerful at first, but imagine when you want to upgrade all of the software on your system to the latest, most secure versions, how do you do that now? Right. Manually:

  1. Search for most recent version
  2. Pick (hopefully) the right download
  3. Wait for it to download
  4. Unblock it
  5. Install it manually (next, next, next anyone?)
  6. Hope it didn't install any malware
  7. Now do it again for EVERY piece of software on your system.


  • Windows 7+ / Windows Server 2003+
  • PowerShell v2+
  • .NET Framework 4+ (the installation will attempt to install .NET 4.0 if you do not have it installed)


  • ✔ 30 Hours instructor led online class
  • ✔ Hands on Approach - We emphasize on learning by doing.
  • ✔ Life time free re-enrollment to future DevOps courses
  • ✔ Life time free access to all learning materials including
  • ✔ Class recordings
  • ✔ Presentations
  • ✔ Sample Code
  • ✔ Projects
  • ✔ Total Lab Infrasture in cloud and 24x7 available
  • ✔ 70% of the class is consist of Lab
  • ✔ Each week assignments(total 4) with personal assistance
  • ✔ Two real time senario based projects with standard evaluation
  • ✔ 24x7 online support to queries during and after the course completion
  • ✔ 1 dedicated class for Interview preparations
  • Agenda

    The basic course program is outlined here:

    Why Chocolatey
    Overview of Chocolatey

    Using Chocolatey
    Installing Chocolatey
    Uninstalling Chocolatey
    Getting Started
    Use Chocolatey to install applications
    Find apps with Chocolatey Gallery
    Work with versions
    Use Chocolatey to uninstall applications
    Batch installs with Chocolatey config files
    Use the ChocolateyGUI application

    Creating packages
    Keep in Mind Distribution Rights
    Package Function and Variable Reference
    Outdated packages? Triage process

    Use Chocolatey w/Proxy Server
    Change Download Cache Location aka Don't use TEMP for downloads
    Install/Upgrade a Package w/out running install scripts
    Request Package Fixes/Updates
    Manually Recompile Packages, Embedding/Internalizing Remote Resources
    Request Package
    Maintain Packages for My Software
    Become a Maintainer
    Take Over Package Maintenance Exclusively
    Parse Package Parameters
    Mount Iso
    Create Custom Package Templates
    Deprecate a Package

    Command Reference
    Passing args to choco
    Complete Reference
    List / Search
    Source / Sources


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