You can use Linux’s ping command as a helpful tool to check the network connectivity between your computer and another device. It delivers a brief data packet to the intended recipient and then waits for a response. We shall examine the ping command and its numerous options in this article.

You must launch a command window or terminal window in order to use the ping command. then enter the command as follows:

ping [target IP address or domain name]

For instance, you would type the following command to ping the Google website:


A series of packets will be sent to the host or IP address supplied by the ping command, followed by a wait period. If the host or IP address can be contacted, the following details will be included in the response:

Understanding the result

Following the ping command’s execution, you will notice a number of answers. The round-trip time (RTT) between your computer and the target device is disclosed in each answer. A packet’s RTT, which is expressed in milliseconds, measures how long it takes to go from your computer to the destination device and back.

By Abhishek Singh

Software Engineer at Cotocus pvt. ltd

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