OpenStake Training Course

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The basic course program is outlined here:

About OpenStake Training Course
DevOps its Introduction to OpenStack course. This course is designed for IT professionals and students looking to understand what OpenStack is and get started on their OpenStack journey.
The candidates should have basic knowledge of Networking and Virtualization concepts. Familiarity with the linux command line will definitely help but is not absolutely essential.
Target Audience
This course is ideal for people looking to understand what OpenStack is and how various OpenStack projects work together. The course is ideal for system administrators, developers and even management executives who want a quick rundown of what OpenStack is and what it can do for them.
Upon completion of the training course participants will have a working understanding of the OpenStack project and will be able to perform basic user and operator tasks.
Training Course contents
  • Overview of the OpenStack Project, Community and the Foundation
  • Basic overview of core OpenStack components (Compute, Block, Network, Dashboard)
  • Introduction to various Projects under OpenStack
    1. OpenStack Compute (Nova)
    2. OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
    3. OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
    4. OpenStack Object Store (Swift)
    5. OpenStack Block Store (Cinder)
    6. OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Labs and Demos
  • Getting Familiar with End-User/ Cloud Ops Tasks (Lab and Demo)
  • Create an instance using API and Dash
  • Create a network and security rules using Neutron.
  • Create a volume and attach it to an instance
  • Understand conf and log files
  • Understand basics of APIs and framework architecture
  • Understand shared components
  • Work off a single node openstack implementation
  • Wrap-Up And Further Resources
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