TeamCity Training Course

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The basic course program is outlined here:

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Introduction to TeamCity
  • TeamCity and its competitors
  • Summary
  • Installing on Windows
  • Installation on Mac OS X
  • Installation on Linux
  • Summary
Getting Your CI Up and Running
  • Introducing version control systems
  • Setting up CI
  • The sample project
  • Creating a project in TeamCity
  • Adding build configurations
  • Build chain
  • Fine-tuning our setup
TeamCity for Java Projects
  • Using Ant with TeamCity
  • Using Maven with TeamCity
  • Using Gradle with TeamCity
TeamCity for .NET Projects
  • Getting started with NAnt on TeamCity
  • Building with MSBuild
  • NuGet and TeamCity
  • Introducing PowerShell
TeamCity for Ruby Projects
  • Managing Ruby versions
  • Introducing Bundler
  • Introducing Rake
  • Setting up the build on TeamCity
TeamCity for Mobile and Other Technologies
  • CI for Android projects
  • Building iOS projects on TeamCity
  • Installing TeamCity plugins
Integration with Other Tools
  • IDE integrations
  • GitHub integrations
  • Build monitors
  • Notifications
TeamCity for a Member of the Team
  • Managing projects of interest
  • Navigating across projects
  • Investigating investigations
  • TeamCity universal search
  • Actions on build configurations
Taking It a Level Up
  • Build configuration templates
  • Going meta with Meta-Runners
  • Build result actions
  • Build history cleanup
  • Configuring build priorities
  • Interacting with TeamCity from build scripts
Beyond CI – Continuous Delivery
  • What is Continuous Delivery?
  • Why Continuous Delivery?
  • The deployment pipeline
  • Implementing the deployment pipeline in TeamCity
Making It Production Ready
  • Using TeamCity with an external database
  • Backup and restore
  • Handling upgrades
  • Monitoring resource usage, performance, and logs
  • Tweaking the TeamCity JVM
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