Linux System Admin Training Course

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The basic course program is outlined here :

Basic Configuration
  • Set the Hostname
  • Set the Timezone
  • Use the /etc/hosts File
Network Diagnostics
  • Using the Ping Command
  • Using the traceroute Command
  • Using the mtr Command
System Diagnostics
  • Check Current Memory Usage
  • Monitor IO Usage with vmstat
  • Monitor Processes, Memory, and CPU Usage with htop
File System Management
  • How to Upload files to a Remote Server
  • How to Protect Files on a Remote Server
  • Understanding and Using Sym Linking
  • How to Manage and Manipulate Files on a Linux System
Package Management
  • How to Know What Packages are Installed on Your System
  • How to Discover Package Names and Information
Text Manipulation
  • How to Search for a String in Files with grep
  • How to Search and Replace Across a Group of Files
  • How to Edit Text Interactively
Web Servers and HTTP Issues
  • How to Serve Websites
  • How to Choose a Web Server
  • Reading Apache Logs
DNS Servers and Domain Names
  • Using CNAMEs to Redirect DNS Queries
  • How to Set Up Subdomains
SMTP Servers and Email Issues
  • Choosing an Email Solution
  • Sending Email From Your Server
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