Error: Unable to launch Flutter project in a Dart-only workspace

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Unable to launch Flutter project in a Dart-only workspace. Please open a folder closer to your Flutter project root or increase the value of the “dart.projectSearchDepth” setting.


The error message you’re encountering suggests that the Flutter tooling is having trouble locating your Flutter project within your workspace. Here’s how you can resolve this issue:

  1. Open the Correct Folder: Ensure that you have opened the folder in your IDE that contains the pubspec.yaml file of your Flutter project. This file is essential as it defines your project and its dependencies.
  2. Adjust Project Search Depth:
    • If your Flutter project is nested within subdirectories, your IDE might not be searching deep enough to locate the pubspec.yaml file. You can increase the depth of the search.
    • In VS Code, go to Settings (you can open settings by pressing Ctrl + , or Cmd + , on macOS).
    • Search for “dart.projectSearchDepth”.
    • Increase the value of this setting. The default is usually 2 or 3. Try setting it to a higher value that corresponds to the depth of your project’s folder structure relative to the workspace root.
  3. Restart Your IDE: After making these changes, restart your IDE to ensure that the new settings take effect and that it properly detects the Flutter project.
  4. Check for Multiple Workspaces: If you are using a multi-root workspace (a feature in some IDEs like VS Code where multiple project folders can be opened in the same window), ensure that the Flutter project’s root folder is included as one of the roots.

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