Please follow this tutorial to learn how to check the readability of any website in a very easy way. I have explained the steps in a simple manner.

What is Function of Website Readability Tools ?

Powerful tools are available to improve content readability and make it more accessible to visitors, which makes readability an underrated aspect of content creation that can be a deal breaker for readers.

How Wizbrand Website readability tools would help?

To determine the ease of reading website content, readability tools analyze factors such as sentence length, word choice, and font size. These tools provide suggestions for improving readability by examining the text on a website. Additionally, some tools offer recommendations to enhance the quality of the content.

How to use it Website readability tools online?

step 1 – Go to the website

Step 2 – Open This tools

Step 3 – website readability score

Put your website URL

By Abhishek Singh

Software Engineer at Cotocus pvt. ltd

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