microservice is a collection of freely deployable services. It is an approach to building application software as a collection of independently deployable, compact, modular services

  • Microservices are small, independent, and loosely coupled. A single small team of developers can write and maintain a service.
  • Each service is a separate codebase, which can be managed by a small development team.
  • Services can be deployed independently. A team can update an existing service without rebuilding and redeploying the entire application.
  • Services are responsible for persisting their own data or external state. This differs from the traditional model, where a separate data layer handles data persistence.
  • Services communicate with each other by using well-defined APIs. Internal implementation details of each service are hidden from other services.
  • Supports polyglot programming. For example, services don’t need to share the same technology stack, libraries, or frameworks.

Herein, each service executes a different operation and interacts with one another via a simple, well-defined interface APi

By Abhishek Singh

Software Engineer at Cotocus pvt. ltd

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