Of course, no checklist can cover all the topics about microservices. Ideally,
you should understand what you are doing if you are doing something big. However,
if you are more in a startup-state-of-mind and you just want to hit the ground running,
this template will help you a lot.

Here you have the microservices checklist.

  • A microservice should be managed by a single team of developers.
  • Make sure your microservice is an API.
  • Prefer containers to implement microservices.
  • Use the persistence of containers only where you store data.
  • Expose only what needs to be exposed.
  • Centralize your application logs.
  • Do not make your containers too small, and don’t make too many microservices.
  • Reduce calls between containers. A great way to do that is often hashed digests.

In case you have additions to this checklist, just let me know in the comments!

By Abhishek Singh

Software Engineer at Cotocus pvt. ltd

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