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May month 2023 blogs report.

S.NoBlog topics with their links
1How to fix error Base table or view not found
2Eloquent: Relationships in Laravel with example
3Reddit Data Count Tool
4this in JavaScript
5JavaScript Maps
6JavaScript Async/Await
7Twitter Data Count tool
8Promise Object Properties
9Anonymous functions in js
10What is JSX in React
11how to change database password in XAMPP
12How to stored data in procedure
13CallBack Function in JavaScript
14JavaScript Map
15Arrow Function in JavaScript
16Instagram Data Count Tool
17Crud operation in Laravel with react js
18Image Editor tool online
19Install NodeJS and npm in Linux
21npm install error – Invalid tag name “>=^16.0.0”
22how to install/uninstall Dependencies and devDependencies In node js
23How to Count Data in Linkedin
24Website Readability Tools
25Split Pdf Pages Tools online
26JavaScript Prototype Object
27npm install fails due to unable to resolve dependency tree
29npm install fails due to unable to resolve dependency tree

June month 2023 blogs report.

S.NoBlog topics with their links
1Example: Laravel Remove All Spaces from String
2Example: How to Get Random Records from Database in Laravel
3how to change the timezone in Laravel using Carbon?
4In Ubuntu, how can you import a database using the command line?
5how to check the query execution time in Laravel
6How to speed up database query in Laravel with example
7Why paginate much slower than simplePaginate? with example
8What are Limit and Offset In Laravel?
9DevOps Certified Professional Introduction
10Laravel Cookies: Best Practices & Implementation Guide
11Laravel – sessions
12Open link in new tab using Controller function in laravel
13self vs static
14Convert JPG to ICO Online
16Online URL analyzer Tool
17Image Size Reducer Online Tool
18Error: Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ MethodNotAllowedHttpException
19How to use join of two tables in Laravel query
20How To Use Tumblr Count Online Tool 
21Convert JPG to TIFF Online Tool
22How to use join of two tables in Laravel query
23Google search tool
24Example: How to Remove Special Characters from a String in jQuery
25Convert JPG to EPS Online
26How can I remove the first element from an array using jQuery?
27Deigned Custom Error Page in Laravel
28Search Keyword tools
29How can I retrieve a single row from the database using Laravel?
30How can I disable a submit button using jQuery to prevent multiple form submits?

July month 2023 blogs report.

S.NoBlog topics with their links
1How to Generate Strong Passwords with JavaScript
2Delete Records Older Than 30 Days in Laravel?
3Array Length Validation in Laravel
4Carbon Change Timezone in laravel
5What Is the cURL Command?
6How to Setup xampp on Linux
7Reverse a string In Javascript
8Get Current Date Time and Day in Laravel
9Install Composer in Ubuntu Server
10Generate Random String in Javascript
11Reddit Fetch Post online tools
12Create Migration and Model by Artisan Command in Laravel
13Get Last Characters of a String
14Image Validation Rule Example
15Check if an array is empty or null in Javascript
16change image on change in jQuery
17Create Zip File and Download in Laravel 9
18Generate Random String in Javascript
19Delete All Records Older Than 7 Days In laravel
20Use Constructor Function in JavaScript
21How to reverse a string using recursion
22All XAMPP versions and the Laravel versions that they support:
23How to Generate Sitemap in laravel ?
24How to use Prompt function in JavaScript ? with proper example
25Remove All Spaces from String In Laravel
26Convert Array to JSON in PHP
27URL Analyzer online tools
28Convert Array to JSON in PHP
29Call JavaScript function on button click
30How Can I Use PHP To Find Day Name From Specific Date?

August month 2023 blogs report.

S.NoBlog topics with their links
1Laravel Where Clause with MySQL Function
2cp Command in Linux
3Popular Guest Website and Links Building list
4Top 10 IT Certifications in the World
5How to install WordPress in window
6Understanding Daemon Permissions in Linux
7Create Multiple Authentication in Laravel 9
8Instagram video downloader
9Linux/Unix’s mv Command with Examples
10How to use the ping command
11YouTube Video Downloader Tools
12how change user password in Linux with proper example
13Why is Root not used instead of Demon in Linux?
14Error:The term ‘ng’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet
15What are Limit and Offset In Laravel?
16Error:File C:\Program Files\nodejs\ng.ps1 cannot be loaded
17How Does Laravel 9 Use MySQL View?
18In Laravel, how do you use soft deleting?
19how to use updateOrcreate function in laravel
20Example: How to Remove Special Characters from a String in jQuery
21Help software engineers learn DevOps and more with a list of YouTube channels!
22Example of Laravel Storage Delete Multiple Files
23Password Generator Tools
24Music Generator Online 
25All XAMPP versions and the Laravel versions that they support:
26Linux/Unix’s mv Command with Examples
27Create Multiple Authentication in Laravel 9
28How to Check Size of Project in Linux ?
29Laravel Migration Add New Column Example
30How to make pdf file to html

September month 2023 blogs report.

S.NoBlog topics with their links
1Tutorial: Laravel Group By First Letter Example
2Example of Laravel Blade Foreach First Element
3npm WARN deprecated har-validator@5.1.5: this library is no longer supported
4How can i get job support in for DevOps, SRE and DevSecOps?
5How to install other versions of node
6How Can I Use Laravel Blade Foreach’s Break and Continue?

October month 2023 blogs report.

S.NoBlog topics with their links
1Get Http Hostname in Laravel
2Download File using JQuery
3How Can I Disable  an HTML Anchor Tag?
4this in JavaScriptRemove All Numbers from Stringhis in JavaScript
5JavaScript MapsRemove Special Characters from a StringavaScript Maps
6Convert UTC Time to Local Time
7How Can I Convert a JavaScript Array to an Object?
8How to Use jQuery to Validate an Empty Input Field
9Download File using JQuery
10List of blogs from May to September
11reset your commit in GitHub
12Validate Email Using jQuery
13How to Use jQuery to Validate an International Phone Number
14How to Include a Column Filter Dropdown on Top of jQuery Datatable
15Error:Failed to open stream: Permission denied
16Error: fatal: unknown configuration directive
17Hide/Show Column in jQuery Datatable Dependent on Condition
18Top 10 SEO & Digital Management Software in 2024
19Error: require ext-xml
20Error:require ext-curlError
21Errorr:Cannot connect: invalid settings
22How to setup laravel project in ubuntu
23Replace \n with br in Laravel
24List of 30 DevOps Trainers with their ranking
25Tutorial for CloudOps? What are CloudOps Certifications and Training?
26How Can I Use PHP to See If a Value Is in an Array?
27Check if PHP Array Has Duplicate Values
28How to Set Up Your Email and Username for Git
29fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository
30How to Make a Git Repository Clone Go Into a Particular Folder

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